About the Brenau Barbecue & Who Benefits?

The mission of the Brenau BBQ is to host a community wide event bringing awareness for Brenau University as a positive educational and community partner, and it serves as a fundraiser for local student scholarships.

Two such beneficiaries of the Brenau BBQ scholarships include seniors Cassey Wyatt and Katie Barth. These two students have volunteered for past BBQ championships and have agreed to have a much larger role in the planning for this year’s event. Katie will head up the children’s area activities and Cassey will be heading up the student volunteers by setting their schedules and assigning tasks throughout the event. Both say it is the least they could do to give back to their University.

So what is it about barbecue that instantly causes remembrances of family outings and fond cooking experiences? Indeed, in the South, barbecue, and its cooking methods, slow with low temperatures, is a cultural icon. It used to be that when families and churches had homecomings, you could count on there being a large barbecue associated with it.

It is in the spirit of this cultural heritage, combined with the mission of Brenau University, that we gladly present the sixth annual Brenau Barbecue Championship on May 23 to 24, 2014. Inasmuch as this event serves as a fundraiser for the local student scholarship fund, it also serves as a catalyst for the community, neighbors and families to gather and enjoy each other’s company as we collectively kickoff summer.

Believe it or not, there are actually several different barbecue cooking circuits around the United States and the one we’re associated with is the Memphis Barbecue Network (MBN), an organization that grew out of the famous Memphis in May event – the superbowl of all things barbecue, and the Georgia Barbecue Association. Professional cook teams from throughout the southeast will be coming to Brenau to cook in three different divisions, Whole Hog, Shoulder Shank and Ribs, and GBA teams cook Boston Butt, Ribs, and Pork Loin  Both groups will have bragging rights and cash prizes on the line.

The MBN and GBA circuit has specific criteria for judging, and all judges at this event have been trained and certified to know what to look for. To a casual observer, it may just look like barbecue that they have seen before. Trust us, this is world class barbecue, barbecue that you could never find in a restaurant anywhere.
Because it is a competition, cookers may have samples for the public as the day goes along, but not at first, because they are preparing their entries to be judged. Therefore, there will be vendors, again world class vendors, who will be selling barbecue as soon as the gates open during our Friday preview party and on Saturday. Additionally, we have scouted out and recruited some of the best vendors that we’ve seen in the last year who will be offering summertime gifts and wares for your enjoyment, but we could still use more if you are interested. See the link for vendor sign-up. Several local artists through local galleries will be selling their works. This also is a kid-friendly event and we will have inflated playground structures that will keep them active and the balloon lady back.

So whether you are going to join us on Friday night for the preview party featuring great regional music, or  on Saturday to watch professional and local barbecue cooking at its best and enjoy the incredible community camaraderie, we guarantee you’ll have a good time.